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30 Day Credit Policy


We offer our valued customers the ability to apply for a credit account.  The credit account ensures that your dealings with us are convenient and efficient.

We consider it important to explain our current credit policy.  We confirm that our credit policy does not alter any of the terms and conditions of sale, which are attached to this document.  Please ensure that you read and fully understand our terms and conditions of sale.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require clarification of any matter.

Our credit policy

1.            A credit account is a convenience that we extend to our customers who can afford to pay for their goods.  The credit account is not a loan to individuals or companies who cannot attend to prompt payment.

2.            The credit account is no substitute for working capital.

3.            The terms of payment are strictly thirty (30) days from the date of invoice.  Exceptions can only be made by prior arrangement with our Manager.  If an account is not paid upon the expiration of our thirty (30) day term, the supply of further products may be subject to cash on delivery terms.

4.            We reserve the right to cease a credit account without notice to you where an event in default has occurred.

5.            We are not in a position to allow credit on terms other than those stipulated.  We will not be paid on the basis that our customer is paid by a third party.  We give credit to our customers only, not to third parties.

6.            We do not believe that a query on a part of any account is sufficient reason for non-payment of that account.  Any queries should be brought to the attention of our accounts department immediately, so that they can be resolved quickly.  Where a query exists we expect the bulk of the amount owing to be paid, leaving a reasonable retention in abeyance.

7.            We reserve the right to charge interest on amounts which are outstanding for more than thirty (30) days.  Interest will be charged at the rate of 1.5% per month.