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Retail Counters

Image Retail Australian made modular counters are a perfect combination of quality design and practical configurability, ideally suited to a variety of commercial sectors and retail environments. 

What are the key benefits?  

In an ‘import everything’ age – we are committed to bring highly competitive pricing on our manufactured counter range - this isn’t always easy! Significant investment has been made in HR training and equipment to keep our pricing cutting edge.  

Short Lead times 
Our retail counters are produced using state of the art German cabinet making equipment and LEAN manufacturing methods to provide the most efficient production and turnaround times - this also equates to better pricing to you as the end user   

Flexible Shipping & Installation options 
Available fully assembled delivered direct to site or shipped flatpacked for easy assembly - competitive delivery Australia Wide   

Customisable modular design
Adjust Height, Width, Depth, Glass/Storage configuration; Add Locks, Lights, Drawers, Shelves, Castors, Slat wall Front, cut-out Signage and feature panels 
Optional Aluminium corner protection for high traffic areas, Replaceable glass tops (Showcases) 

Extensive Colour Choice
Choose any colour from Laminex / Formica commercial range to integrate with your corporate branding 

Commercial Quality  
We use solid Cam and Pin Construction and Australian laminate board for a harder wearing surface. Instead of light duty 1mm edge tape, we use 2mm ABS hardedge which is preferred by key retailers for protection against the inevitable knocks of the retail environment  

Australian Made 
We are 100% committed to supporting Australian manufacturing. We’re in manufacturing for the long haul and believe our product offers long term value and the benefits of quality and durability – long after the cheaper alternatives are showing significant signs of wear